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These designs should be available at your local needlework shop. I urge you to support your local, independent needlework retailers. These women and men work long, hard hours, making all the wonderful materials available to those of us who love stitching. For those of you who have no local shop, mail order information is provided for each design. Shop owners, please contact me for wholesale ordering information.

Each instruction booklet includes a color photograph of the finished piece and comprehensive instructions for stitching the piece. There are two charts for most stitches: ones shows the appearance of the finished stitch and the other gives the stitching sequence (numbers) needed to accomplish the stitch.

You're encouraged to stitch these designs in the colors of your choice. Each design starts with a skein or three of Watercolours, Waterlilies, or Wildflowers, or Floss Overdyed, with the other threads chosen to coordinate with the overdyed thread. These threads are available in many different color combinations, offering a wide range of color choices. Each instruction booklet includes guidelines for choosing your own colors. The descriptions indicate the colors used in the model.

For more information and a larger picture of each design, click on the small image or design name.

Compass Corners Compass Corners Princeton Pastime Princeton Pastime Quilted Wreath Quilted Wreath
Fanciful Fish Fanciful Fish Quilted Cat Quilted Angel Quintessential Quadrants Quintessential Quadrants


Jagged Edge Jagged Edge Quilted Cat Quilted Cat


Thursday Night Special Thursday Night Special


Log Cabin Fever Log Cabin Fever Quilted Flag Tramed Trapezoids Traméd Trapezoids


Maple Leaf Medley Maple Leaf Medley Quilted Flamingo


Triangular Trellis Triangular Trellis


Memorial Wreath Memorial Wreath Jack-t.gif (11663 bytes) Quilted Jack-O-Lantern


Walnetto Window Walnetto Window
Ornamental Excursion Ornamental Excursion Quilted Snowman


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