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Tramed Trapezoids Tramed Trapezoids

Based on the Windmill quilt patch, long trame stitches are couched in shaded silk patterns. The finished design is approximately 5 x 5 inches square.

Suggested Retail Price: $6.50

If not available at your local shop, this design may be ordered from The Edwardian Needle.

Materials Colors Used in Model
9" x 9" piece of #23-24 Congress cloth tan
stretcher strips to fit canvas
1 skein Waterlilies Prairie Fire
6 skeins Soie Cristale in two color families
Color A Light #1162
Color A Medium #1164
Color A Dark #1166
Color B Light #3051
Color B Medium #3064
Color B Dark #3056
1 spool #8 Kreinik braid #201C
1 reel Kreinik cord or 1 skein 6-strand floss (for attaching beads) #001C
#24 and #26 tapestry needles
laying tool

For more information, contact Neon Flamingo Designs

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