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Quilted Wreath Alternate Color Schemes

The evening group of the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild, Inc. (ANG) used Quilted Wreath as a year-long project. Several members chose to use different color schemes. In addition, Dixie Smart’s (who won a blue ribbon at the 1995 ANG Seminar Exhibit for her wreath done in the Toasty Browns) ANG Chapter in the Pacific Northwest also stitched Quilted Wreath as a chapter project. And a few other people have sent me the colors they used. Many of the variations used by these stitchers are presented here to assist you should you decide to change the colors.

The values (e.g., medium dark) listed correspond to those used in the original color scheme. For some of the alternate schemes, the values have been adjusted to better coordinate with the overdyed threads. For example, in the Muted Neutrals, Color A uses DMC ecru and 644 as medium dark and very dark. This is correct; using darker values would not work with the other colors.

In some cases a metallic is listed in the individual color families rather than as an "Accent" or "Neutral." With these color schemes, this usage made more sense. As the woman who used the Spring Pastels said, "I adjusted some values when stitching to keep a contrast since these colors are generally lighter than the original. Metallics were used where they looked best."

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