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A Star is Born

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A Star is Born combines an 8-pointed star with a mitered background to create a lovely ornament or box top. You can use any threads that work on 18-count canvas. Changing the thread will change the whole look of the piece! This is a nice way to try new threads so you can see what they’re like to work with and how they look when finished.


Thread Selection:

Choosing your threads for this project is a lot of fun! With a couple of exceptions noted below, you can use any thread that covers 18-count canvas for any area.

The following threads may be used as they come out of the spool or skein:

#16 Kreinik braid Gold Rush 18 Patina Shimmer Ribbon
#5 pearl cotton JL Walsh Silk ‘n Wool Rachel Silk Serica
1/16" Kreinik ribbon Madras Rachelette Spring II
Arctic Rays Marlitt Rainbow Cashmere Sprinkles
Charleston Neon Rays Ribbon Floss Trebizond
Flair Overdyed pearl #5 Shimmer

Use partial or multiple strands (not as it comes from the card or skein) of the following threads.

Felicity's Garden Rainbow Linen Silk ‘n Colors Waterlilies
Impressions Rainbow Overture Splendor Wildflowers
Overdyed floss Sheep's Silk Watercolours

The model shown above on the left used red Charleston (418) for Thread 1, white #5 pearl cotton for Thread 2, and gold (002) #16 Kreinik braid for Thread 3.

The model in the center used White Neon Rays (N02) for Thread 1, Emerald Watercolours (065) for Thread 2, and silver (001) #16 braid for Thread 3.

The model on the right used Amethyst Watercolours (006) for Thread 1, antique violet DMC #5 pearl cotton (3042) for Thread 2, and lilac (023) #16 Kreinik braid for Thread 3.

Charleston, 1/16" Kreinik Ribbon, Rachelette, and RibbonFloss are most effectively used as Thread 1.

Stitching Directions:

Find the center of your canvas and count 8 threads down to begin the innermost level of the star. Use Thread 1 and work four levels as shown on the Eight-Pointed Star Chart. The gray square represents the center of your canvas. Follow the numbers carefully.

Using Threads 2 and 3 work the rows of Framed Diagonal Mosaic. I found it easiest to start at the lower left diagonal point of the star and work 16 tent stitches with Thread 3 along the diagonal. Refer to Master Chart.  This establishes the outside corner of the design and simplifies counting. Work alternate rows of Diagonal Mosaic with Thread 2 (Step 2) and Diagonal Tent stitch with Thread 3 (Step 1).

Place a Double Straight Cross in the center of the star. Use Thread 2 or Thread 3. I picked the one that contrasted the most with Thread 1.

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